Infrastructure Transaction Network (ITN) is part of a group of two network companies with a common business connection in infrastructure services and delivery.

The two businesses, and their specialities, are:

  • ITN, which specialises in procurement strategy and procurement process management for ‘non-traditional’ infrastructure delivery projects and operations services;
  • AQUA Projects, which specialises in project management, project management training and business support for government businesses.

ITN also has a strategic relationship with Yeang Lawyers for the provision of independent legal advice.

Client focused solutions

ITN and its predecessor companies has been active in providing infrastructure transaction services since the mid 1990s.

ITN works with its clients to identify the corporate goals and specific objectives relevant to their project and developing the ‘best value’ strategy to deliver the project whilst satisfying their business needs. ITN is focused on finding the right solution for each client – even when that means no involvement in the procurement implementation.

We work for owners, not contractors - So you can be confident that ITN has no conflict of interest when we are advising on your project

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